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Leasing a Home


Sounds unreal, right? There's an unspoken secret that most people don't know; most purchased homes are discovered by their Buyers, not their agents. Buyers do a tremendous amount of work when searching for a new home and we believe this hard work should be rewarded. As an independent brokerage, we cut out large, unnecessary overhead expenses allowing us to share our compensation with our clients. For properties purchased between $500,000-$999,999, we will rebate you 25% of our commission. $1M to $1.89M, we will rebate you 30% and anything over $1.9M, we will rebate you 40% of our commission.  Rebates can be used to pay for closing costs, down payment*, moving costs, or even as cash.  Contact us for more details and ask how 

*Subject to lender approval. Assumes minimum commission of 2.5% of purchase price. Rebate is split after Broker's transaction costs. All terms subject to change.

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